Thursday, July 9, 2009

Random... but Precious!

Fun Times at the Beach

Day 2: The Caverns

I don't know about Katy, but I was terrified in the cavern... I didn't realize how afraid of heights I was until we were in there. All I could imagine was my clumsy self bumping into the railing that only came to the top of my thigh, and flipping over the edge.

Sure would have been nice if they would have told us that we couldn't have a stroller in the caverns before we got to the entrance, although I am REALLY glad they did tell us because it would have been near impossible trying to get it through the caverns.

He really had a blast!!

Our First Vacation

This was the first night of our vacation in Lampassas, which was about half way to Port Aransas. Koen was so excited to finally be out of the car.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


John is always making fun of me saying that I'm a brute or like a bull in a China closet. He says that I have no control over my body, and today I realized just exactly what he was talking about! I was holding Koen and there was fly coming towards us and I swatted at it and busted Koen right in the eye with my thumb. My first thought was that I just poked his eye out. I didn't actually hit his eye, I hit right below it. It immediately started to swell up and it has a small cut from my finger nail. I felt awful because he was crying hysterically! John comes in there to see what in the world happened, then gets Koen and takes him to distract him from his pain. Then he starts making fun of me about being a brute and I can't hold the tears back any more. Every time I look at that poor child's eye even though it isn't as bad as it sounds, it makes me want to cry : (

Friday, June 26, 2009

Koen's New Shoes

I think they were a hit with Koen!!!

Thank ya... Thank ya very much!!!
I'm not sure what he thought he did, but whatever it was he was taking a bow for!!!